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Lyonesse Therapies

Susie Ellis DHP

Hello, my name is Susie Ellis, mother of four, a qualified hypnotherapist & business & lifestyle coach.

In 2010 I qualified as a hypnotherapist & I now use those skills, including NLP, in my coaching business. I find that mindset & self esteem are as important to a business as financial reporting.

How Can I Help You?

I specialise in helping people and businesses excel in all that they do. I can help you achieve, providing accountability, guidance, systems & ideas.

I always begin by analysing what you want; & ask "what is your vision for your business?"

I can help raise your profile using these tactics & many more:

Website creation, blogging, building an email list, Facebook advertising, ranking on Google, logo, business cards, podcasting, social media presence [Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Pericope,] recording videos / CDs / DVDs etc.

When you become one of my clients we run the numbers, decide on branding & create a tailored action plan for you to work to.

We have a 60 minute Skype call once a week or once a fortnight to check on progress & plan the next phase; which also includes supporting you in the emotional ups & downs of running a business... I always say "get your head right & you will get your business right"

Are you a Therapist?

Becoming a therapist is a huge achievement but getting clients & setting up your new business can sometimes be challenging. Many people have no idea where to start, other than creating a website, & that is just where I can help you.

Are you looking to hire a workspace & take on clients? Are you looking to record your own scripts? Do you want a huge multimedia business or a private home based clientele? Are you intending to specialise in one particular field or be a general practitioner?

Other Interests

Also over the years I have become more & more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating organic & unprocessed food & avoiding pharmaceuticals.

I have developed a lifelong interest in food & it's affects on our health which began when one of my children was cured of "hyperactivity syndrome" by cutting out food additives & colourings from his diet. See

Then I progressed to researching the ingredients in the personal care products & makeup we were using. I was horrified to read about SLS & Propylene glycol for a start! Let alone what else I uncovered during the process.

I was encouraged to learn the truth, help others, & share my findings & ideas with the world. See

Contact Me Now

If you would like to talk about Hypnotherapy or Coaching please do get in touch for your FREE, no obligation, 30 minute consultation via Skype or Zoom and find out how I can help you, I am always happy to help.

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Please click here to read some testimonials written by my clients.

Where to Find Me

I work online with most of my clients, via Skype or Zoom, meaning you don't even need to leave home to see me. Please contact me for details.

My main Hypnotherapy clinic is at The Zest Centre, 18 Upperthorpe, Sheffield S6 3NA.